French Creek
Nature & Arts Center

4530 Colorado Avenue
Sheffield Village, Ohio 44054
(440) 949-5200
For shelter reservations call the main office at (440) 458-5121

Open Daily: 10:00am - 4:30pm
(Open until 8:30pm during French Creek Theatre Preformances)

Entrance to French Creek Nature CenterEntrance to French Creek Nature Center

The French Creek Nature Center offers plenty of things to do and see, including programs and exhibits, wildlife observation area, and an indoor playground. French Creek is also the home of French Creek Theatre, a professional theatre and children's theatre. If you decide it's too nice to stay indoors, you can take a walk down a crushed-gravel trail that links up to the other trails in the reservation. In any case, you'll be glad you checked us out!




Footbridge near the French Creek Nature CenterPrograms offered at
French Creek Nature Center
Trail near the French Creek Nature Center Theatre Productions at Ewing Hall

The French Creek Nature Center offers programs for people of all ages, from arts and crafts to programs that focus on the natural world. Learn about and meet some of the amazing animals at the nature center that live in and around the French Creek, bring the little ones for a preschool program on the wonders of our natural environment and view turtles, fish, and snakes up close in the nature center.  With the addition of the French Creek Theatre, see how nature inspires art with a variety of programs. Click here for a list of programs at the nature center.

Ewing Hall

Formerly the home of rotating animal exhibits, Ewing Hall was converted into a live theatre space in 2007 and is now the main performance space of French Creek Theatre. Ewing Hall features an art gallery that changes with each theatre production and an intimate venue used as a concert hall, a theatre in the round, and even as a dinner theatre cabaret! The 8th Note Café is located inside Ewing Hall, and is open prior to and during performances to provide coffee, soda, lattes, pizza, fresh baked cookies, and other snacks to theatregoers.

The Stanley D. Pijor Distance Learning Classroom

What’s a Distance Learning Classroom? Set up in a theater format, this space connects with organizations from around the globe for instant, on-the-spot learning opportunities. Visitors have traveled to Australia, Pearl Harbor, and the Grand Canyon without leaving Lorain County.  We can also provide programs to your classroom through the power of distance learning as long as you have the right equipment.  Call (440) 949-5200 for more information. The room also houses artist focus galleries, receptions, and movie showings and is the home to our Family Life theatre series.

The Nature Play Spot

While you’re at the nature center, don’t forget to check out the bird observatory and indoor playground. Kids can play, climb, and crawl while learning about the environment in an indoor tree house with a fun area for puppet shows. While the children play, adults can enjoy the view from our wall of windows and see wildlife such as song birds enjoy the outdoor feeders. 


Footbridge near the French Creek Nature Center

Theatre has the privilege and the power to reach us exactly where we are in our lives. In hope or hardship, in revelry or wretchedness, our own experiences are reflected in the stories onstage. Seeing the semblance of ourselves in other characters can help us make sense of life’s complexities, finding what we stand for; or sometimes we’re simply reminded what a wonder life is, giving us cause to celebrate. French Creek Theatre’s theatre seasons feature the fun and the fearless, the playful and the provocative, offering audiences an extraordinary breadth of theatrical performance to enjoy and connect with. See you at the theatre!


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